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    Using the accidentals, and with the added modification of a Gleichton (unisonoric second-octave tonic in the centre of the middle row), this system allows players to obtain a fully chromatic scale – albeit in one direction only (draw).

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    A major tech college and a branch of Rutgers in the city and other colleges nearby. The spikes in both since they moved to South Lake Union are very noticeable. 1,978,816Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin TN Pop. ontenders/Metro area State Population New York-Newark-Jersey City NY Pop. I wish they would consider cities in the same orbit as a larger one. Near NYC, mass transit (bus, trains, PATH to JC and NYC). And yes, I am sure Jeff has a pretty good idea where he wants to go.[quote="Flighty"]I don't think a HQ needs to be at the logistics hub. Partly Amazon is trying to escape Seattle's high house prices, heavy traffic and taxes.[quote]Amazon has a lot to do with Seattle's high housing prices and hideous traffic. 1,978,816Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin TN Pop. Tugg I'm sorry but that's just weird (dare I say dumb) logic. So I of course cannot say "there, they will win" but it seems like a darn smart place to go. To give you an example, my home state of Nevada is very aggressive when it comes to this, for instance. Metro areas too big to care really, I think Amazon wants to be a bigger fish in the pool not just one of many. Besides, I kinda feel for KCI, I really want to see it get revamped and see it thrive (no offense to those who love it as is ) and something like this could help in that. No, I mean incentive packages on top of the low taxes.I would think they would be inclined to pick more of a global city than Austin, Denver, Nashville, Memphis, or Philadelphia. The Newark area offers a diverse mix of people, NJ is reasonable as to social issues (like ok with Gay marriage). I like this list of possible contenders: https:// ... Pittsburgh - This city has a lot going for it and I could see Amazon help move this city to the next level.

    The problem is none of those places is particularly diverse if that's what they're looking for. I like this list of possible contenders: https:// ... They have land, but it's a little here and a little there. My bets are states without labor unions, no state tax, and that are growing with other tech industries: Texas, Colorado, Virginia, Pensylvania, and Indiana Also BOS: "It’s hard to imagine where the Boston region would find the room for a company that will ultimately want up to eight million square feet of office space (the Pentagon, for comparison, has 6.6 million). Has a major sports arena (NHL Devils) and performance venue. The bad is high housing and taxes, Newark itself not so nice west of the downtown, gentrification chasing out many non-White and affordable housing units, too many would want to use cars to go to work. With this though in mind, here are my thoughts about a few metros that could make the cut: Minneapolis/St. I am sure the local politicians will probably offer the old Ford truck plant near the airport, but I think the buildings there will be limited to 10 stories due to its proximity to the airport and I don't know if the plot of land will be quite large enough for what Amazon needs. Plenty of places to put a building to their specs near Penn Station. Great restaurants (in the 'ironbound' district just east of Penn Station). Remember, Amazon could have built an impressive suburban campus in Seattle, like Microsoft and Expedia, but they decided to go big and revitalized Seattle's downtown and adjacent communities. A major tech college and a branch of Rutgers in the city and other colleges nearby. This will require free/cheap land in an urban area. I wish they would consider cities in the same orbit as a larger one. Near NYC, mass transit (bus, trains, PATH to JC and NYC). That philosophy requires a either a metro area people want to move to or one that Amazon can develop into their own image.

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      López*, and Xuanhe Zhao*, Strong, tough, stretchable and self-adhesive hydrogels from intrinsically unstructured proteins, Advanced Materials, 1604743 (2017) DOI: 10.1002/adma.201604743Phanindhar Shivapooja, Changyong Cao, Beatriz Orihuela, Vrad Levering, Xuanhe Zhao, Daniel Rittschof, Gabriel P. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 9762-9767 (2014) (#: Equal contribution). Zhang*, Electrical breakdown and ultrahigh electrical energy density in poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) copolymer. Jiaping Zhang, Xuanhe Zhao, Zhigang Suo, Hanqing Jiang*, A finite element method for transient analysis of concurrent large deformation and mass transport in gels. Xuanhe Zhao, Yugong Wu*, Zhigang Fan, Fei Li, Three-dimensional simulations of the complex dielectric properties of random composites by finite element method, Journal of Applied Physics 95, 8110 (2004)Zhigang Fan, Yugong Wu*, Xuanhe Zhao, Yuzhu Lu, Simulation of polycrystalline structure with Voronoi diagram in Laguerre geometry based on random closed packing of spheres, Computational Materials Science 29, 301 (2004) Yugong Wu*, Xuanhe Zhao, Fei Li, Zhigang Fan, Evaluation of mixing rules for dielectric constants of composite dielectrics by MC-FEM calculation on 3D cubic lattice, Journal of Electroceramics 11, 227 (2003)eong-Yun Sun, Xuanhe Zhao, Widusha R.

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