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    The staff notice smoke coming out of the tubes, and security guards are dispatched to investigate, but a diversion set up by Jimmy and one of Clyde's bar patrons prevents them from discovering the heist.

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    Even when I have been dating a Georgian, their friends still have made inappropriate advances (so much for bros before hoes). He said his friend/uncle (whoever it was) will take me. It gets to a point, he grabs underneath my legs and pulling me towards him. No interest at all and certainly not encouraging anything (as much as I can try to do without being rude). You know, because having tattoos or wearing tight jeans or simply being a woman means its your fault. Its met with a shrug of the shoulders and a reaction of “you’re ok, so what”. The instances of the sexual advances and assaults are increasing, or perhaps people are just getting sick of it happening.

    So off we go in the car and I notice we are driving away from town. At first just simple, but firm then we keep driving and he says “no problem” whilst stroking my shoulder or leg. At this point, I get out of the moving car and slam the door shut, he drives off a bit and then stops the car and gets out, trying to talk to me. By this point I was very much over going out with Georgians. So I’m working in a bar in Mestia and of course I’m a novelty. One evening, one Svan is telling me to join a tour he is running to Ushguli. We talk about equipment and time to meet in the morning. I’m semi-excited but hesitant that it will actually happen – this is Georgia, promises aren’t kept. He says “shhh” – because people are sitting on the balcony around the corner and he doesn’t want them to hear. I get out of the side of the building and into the light near the balcony where there are people. So of course having sex in the street is ok but as long as no one hears or sees it. I have hooked up with a few Georgians, attempted dating a couple, attempted some friendships.

    Georgia: the land with everything – great food, good wine, amazing hospitality, spectacular mountains and scenery…one thing that’s not so great about Georgia is its men. If you have low self esteem in what you look like, come to Georgia.

    Now, before all the guys get their panties in a twist, this is not a man-hating post, its not because I had my heart broken or think that ALL Georgian men are like this (even though experience tells me otherwise). This is looking at the situation of what Georgian men are like, the reasons of how I came to form this view and whether or not you should ever date one. It can be a mixed bag, but on a general basis dark hair, dark eyes, hairy, short, balding, and most come with a beard. It is the self esteem country for women’s beauty of the world.

    One of the most annoying traits here in Georgia, and something, especially newbie tourists coming need to be aware of, is that you can be “owned” by a guy here. I have given you a free car ride, I am going to grab your leg and have sex with you. Going from one woman to the next and never having to take care of themselves i.e. Is it because generally in Georgia the women do most of the work? I’ve personally had several conversations with young Georgian men about trying to understand why when I hitchhike or general just speak with a Georgian man, I am inviting them into my underpants? I tell the guy I’m seeing and his response is “seriously….oh”. Clearly I was a piece of meat available to be shared.

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    Now of course, this happens all over the world with guys! So if people don’t see the problem, how can they fix it?I think Georgians are generally attractive (before the remarks, I am not talking about the old Georgian men who’s bellys are so big you wonder if their skin can contain it). So, a country with cute guys who find every woman beautiful (no matter what)…the question is should you date a Georgian? I use Tinder in Georgia, hoping to – I don’t know, meet a nice guy to hang out with.Often I find myself going out with expats or tourists visiting Georgia than Georgians themselves.Have you ever noticed how many girls complain about guys being assholes, but still only seem to flirt with guys that clearly don’t care about them?Have you wondered why you keep getting overlooked in favor of supposed “Alpha Males”? Read on, and find out how you can change your behavior, become more confident, and significantly increase your chances with women.

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