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    Is it just us, or was it bad taste for the No Doubt frontwoman to announce the news before Lambert even hit the red carpet? Where basically it’s a small win chance per girl, but cumulative the win chance becomes greater with each girl added to the pool. You know your chances of winning are slim to none, but that doesn’t mean you throw away the lottery ticket.

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    Contrast, for example a term such as "European poetry", and you get the flavour of what "Indian poetry" may mean. George, 1992 of this meager lot, this volume is definitely the most readable, though Zide packs a powerful punch in her selections. Narayana Rao and AK Ramanujan If this night passes which does not surrender even to sleeping pills if this night passes the night that spreads under my back like a bed of arrows for not compromising with man The night that flows in my veins the bloood from the thorns of the toddy palm for not compromising with God if this night passes covering the face of honesty with a blanket of light another day another day another night another day at some time another night another day if honesty stands naked, smooth not finding light if that night stands without passing it will pass, it will move away, honestly When I'd read that long love poem I closed the book and asked -- Where are the ducks?A couple of other volumes with this kind of multi-lingual coverage: * : Surveys and poems ed. The editors are personally familiar with the literature of Hindi, Marathi (VD), and Tamil, Kannada and Telugu (AKR), and these literatures are well represented and read somewhat better than the others. Mousaieff-Mason] A poet should learn with his eyes the forms of leaves he should know how to make people laugh when they are together he should get to see what they are really like he should know about oceans and mountains in themselves and the sun and the moon and the stars his mind should enter into the seasons he should go among many people in many places and learn their languages (tr. I was surprised that they were nowhere even far into the distance It was in the third line of the poem or perhaps the fifth that I first felt there might be ducks here somewhere I'd heard the flap flap of their wings but that may have been my illusion I don't know for how long that woman had been standing in the twelfth line waiting for a bus The poem was completely silent about where she wanted to go only a little sunshine sifted from the seventeenth floor was falling on her shoulders The woman was happy at least there was nothing in her face to suggest that by the time she reached the twenty-first line she'd disappear completely like every other woman There were sakhu trees [sh Al_ tree] standing where the next line began the trees were spreading a strange dread through the poem Every line that came next was a deep disturbing fear and doubt about every subsequent line If only I'd remembered-- it was in the nineteenth line that the woman was slicing potatoes She was slicing large round brown potatoes inside the poem and the poem was becoming more and more silent more solid I think it was the smell of freshly chopped vegetables that kept the woman alive for the next several lines By the time I got to the twenty-second line I felt that the poem was changing its location [? ] like a speeding bullet the poem had whizzed over the woman's shoulder towards the _sakhu trees There were no lines after that there were no more words in the poem there was only the woman there were only her shoulders her back her voice-- there was only the woman standing whole outside the poem now and breaking it to pieces tr.That there’s a lot Indian men need to learn about the art of approaching women, impressing them, or even respecting them is a known fact. But an American women just revealed a truth about Indian men that’s a real embarrassment. William Radice Kinu the milkman's alley A ground floored room in a two storeyed valley Slap on the road, window barred.Decaying walls, windows crumbling to dust in places Or strained with damp.

    Another creature apart from me lives in my room For the same rent; A lizard. 2006, 265 pages [earlier article with sixteen poets ] ISBN 0195639170 topics: | poetry | anthology | india | english | translation One of the best references to poetry from all regions of India. Ramanujan (ed.); The Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry OUP 1994 / 8th pr. If any of you care to look at my social media pages you'll notice it's primarily Indian guys. But here are some classic questions and comments from Indian guys; Can I see your breast? You can change the subject with each reply and they still do this! Please continue to remind yourself of one thing while reading; not everyone falls into the behavior I'm going to address below. We don't know his behavior, or how many times this has happened. I won't use actual screen shots to protect the (not so) innocent. (Keep in mind, no need to have responded to previous sexual type questions.

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