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    has been around for a long time, since 2005 in fact.

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    Alexander & Jane (complete) - 2012 Castle Fan Awards Nominee - She met him once, long ago, thinking he was someone else, and fell in love. Alexander & Jane: Interlude (complete) - Castle and Beckett must deal with him digging into her mother's case against her express orders, while at the same time balancing their renewed romantic relationship with family obligations. " An outtake from the time jump in ch6 of Felis Felix, which needs to be read first. Beckett is pregnant - but what sort of babies will she have? A rather sardonic look at pregnancy, with added genetics. Caskett and their very new twins have an unexpected visitor in the form of the giant cop, O'Leary (of What's in a Name fame)."The day Richard Castle found a stray cat strutting through an alley, uncollared, unchipped, but clearly very expensively pedigreed, was the end of his world as he knew it. Do something crazy, Kate, her friends had teased the moment they landed in Las Vegas. She'd needed a drink after their case, after the non-hickeys on both her and Castle's necks caused quite the commotion in the bullpen. Struggling to make ends meet, failed writer Richard Rodgers meets Detective Kate Beckett under quite different circumstances.

    Doing so may prove to be the boon that helps her find and save her Seeker. Ain't That A Kick In The Head - After returning from her three-month recovery, Kate discovers Castle and Lanie have become close friends during her absence and gets jealous. A Caskett AU story based on "How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days" for the 2015 Castle Summer Ficathon'You're scared of haunted houses and halloween attractions and I don't even know you, but your friends left you behind so I'm gonna hold your hand and get you through this, alright' AU Halloween meeting. One'"Scars tell stories, Beckett," he had smiled at her, his eyes soft with sincerity when she had jokingly confessed to the silly insecurity amidst the hours spent in his bed that first night.' A brief glimpse into Castle and Beckett's exploration of their scars. "With a passion and you don't have to measure pheromones to sense that.This one is going to be more intense, considering the subject matter this one is loosely based on is BLOOD OF THE FOLD and TEMPLE OF THE WINDS (if you've read the books, you know what I mean). The Chimes Toll A Firestorm (abandoned) - Sequel to In The Winds. Castle quickly climbed back onto the mattress and laid down beside her, his eyes milking in the glorious sight of all her naked flesh. AU ONESHOT; Takes place sometime after 3x17-Countdown. Set about two years into the future (hypothetical season 10), apperception is having a full understanding of an event because of the conditions that inspire it.Now that they are married, will Richard and Kahlan finally find happiness, or will an invasion by an evil foe and an insidious plot by a Sister of the Dark ruin everything? Making A Play - Everything was going just fine until Detective Tamera "Tammy" Demming showed up and took an interest in a certain mystery novelist shadowing Detective Beckett. Prompt fill for the Good Luck Stana prompt challenge.25. It had been a long three months since he'd last seen or heard from Kate Beckett. A story roughly prompted by tumblr's one-writer-girl: "Beckett tries to win them back.""Something dangerous and wild flashes in his eyes, and she realizes that they're leaning into one another.Unintended Consequences (complete) - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD 1st Place Winner (BEST AU) - Kahlan relented to her duties and returned to Aydindril after the events of MARKED 2x01 . Soul Fusion (complete) - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD 1st Pace Winner (BEST ROMANCE) - Sequel to Unintended Consequences. *2015 Winter Castle Ficathon*Kate had spent weeks convincing herself that casual sex with Castle would keep her heart from getting involved, but when Castle comes over on an emotional night, it's difficult to remember where casual ends and more begins. When Special Agent Kate Beckett is offered an interview for a Secret Service position at the White House she didn't know what to expect, but even less than the position as personal protection for the first daughter, she never expected him. Again.' AU to 4x23, Always.'After her mother's death, after her father's dark descent into the bottle, the need for something light, something that wasn't stained in grief had become her lifeline.' A detour in Kate's journey to becoming a detective leads to a life changing meeting. His cologne filled her nostrils and his hands seemed to be everywhere at once, claiming her if she wasn't mistaken. Complete."No matter what you do, no matter the obstacles that arise or the mistakes either of us make, I'll never be able to give up on us." After nearly two years apart, Castle and Beckett attempt to find their way back home in time for the holiday season. His act of bravery sparks a complicated love with her daughter, and a totally different life and career path for Kate Beckett.Richard and Kahlan reunite five months later, but things have changed that may destroy their love. Zedd warned them about the effects of the Soul Fusion spell, but Richard and Kahlan did not heed his warnings. Because although Johanna lived, someone out there still wants her dead, and as the years go by, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are determined to find out who.

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